Nimble Announces Evolution of CRM for Office 365
Originally Published at: SmallBiz Trends

The CRM company Nimble has announced a better way for business departments to stay in sync. What’s interesting is it works with popular systems like Office 365 and Dynamics 365. That way, everyone gets the same information across departments.

Small Business Trends asked Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO, to explain. He wrote how sharing information with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite; MailChimp or Hubspot can be an issue.

Customer Relationships

“No one in the organization has a complete view of customer or prospect relationships because there is no single system. Nimble CRM is filling this need.”

Here’s how they’re doing it. First of all, they noticed business teams were getting bigger. This happened as Nimble customers adopted Office 365.

“Three years ago, Nimble was best known as a simple, smart relationship manager for small teams of two to five G Suite users,” Ferrara writes. “They needed to integrate contacts, calendar appointments, inboxes and social, into a single team CRM system.”

Nimble and Microsoft Integration Promote Better Communication

Nimble now works with Dynamics 365 applications. This new PieSync integration syncs data with 170+ SaaS business apps. That list of apps includes  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, not all small businesses can use Dynamics 365 for Sales. These companies can use Nimble instead.

Nimble brings calendar appointments, Office 365 contacts, inboxes and other communications together with over 170 SaaS business app contacts and social media connections (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

This saves time and eliminates errors.

Nimble is made for Office 365 teams up to 25 employees. Therefore, it’s an inexpensive contact relationship manager. Most customers are solopreneurs and small teams. However, the CRM  works in bigger companies and sales teams. The product is fast because it runs on Azure.

Although it works well with most industries, the top five industries using Nimble include Advertising and Marketing, IT Services, Management Consulting, Real Estate, Financial Services and Legal Services.

There are three big advantages to this product. First off, it lets sales and business development teams follow-up on information supplied from other staff members. Secondly, it provides complete information inside one app. Lastly, it allows employees to build up customer relationships through daily workflows.

Finally, Ferrara sums this product up.

“Nimble is not an enterprise CRM, though workgroups use the system in any sized company.  The right-sized, ROI-friendly contact relationship manager delivers data and insights to individuals and small workgroups without the up-front investment of an enterprise CRM.”