About Us

We are an early-stage venture capital fund dedicated to helping entrepreneur’s primary within the United States.

Fund Overview

We are an early-stage venture capital fund dedicated to helping entrepreneur’s primary within the United States. We are focused on being the lead investor on Series A financings typically committing initial investments between $2 – $12 million. We may also, selectively, participate in earlier-stage situations which met certain investment criteria.

Imagen Capital Partners was created in late 2016 by former entrepreneurs and C-level operators who have experienced successful exits across their corporate careers, while also having navigated the “dot-com bubble” and the Great Recession of 2008 – the Imagen team knows how to create successful business models and understands the dynamics of evolving markets.

Our primary industries / technology platforms of focus include:


Engagement within the areas of business intelligence and analytics, application and infrastructure integration and business process automation technologies.

Digital Media & Mobile

Efforts surrounding content creation and analysis tools for web data, social and professional network improvement utilities and distribution and monetization of user generated content.

Next Gen Infrastructure

Technologies in support of cloud computing, applications enhancing storage, data movement and classification/management techniques – focused on laggard sectors/industries.


New market defining ventures and revolutionary technologies that may often be deemed outside the scope of traditional venture capital markets – the “non-sexy” yet welcomed technology advances serving enterprise markets.

Our Philosophy

We opt to stay within industries that we understand well and for which we can add significant value as derived from our experiences as operators of similar emerging technology concerns. Rather than proactively seeking specific industries, we look to how certain core technologies are utilized to create sound business models under the direction of talented management teams.

Imagen seeks to invite great entrepreneurs to work with our team to build new, better and enduring companies, where the mission is to innovate, challenge and fundamentally change the dynamics of new and existing markets.

We are committed to maintaining the proper balance between the capital we deploy and the time we have to work with entrepreneurs. We believe that a good investor must add value beyond a capital infusion. As former operators we understand that businesses seldom evolve in accordance with the initial business plan. We believe that while each entrepreneur and opportunity is truly unique, we also believe that the core principles required to turn a great idea into a successful business remain consistent.

All entrepreneurial companies must build at least five critical processes in order to succeed:
Product Development
Customer Acquisition
Customer Success
Team Building
Finance and Administration
To be managed properly, these processes require significant time and attention. As a result, we have designed our firm to maximize the time we can spend working with entrepreneurs to add value to their companies. It is what we enjoy doing and it is what we do well.

In short, our goal in creating Imagen Capital Partners was to establish a better platform from which to improve our craft and help build great companies.

Approach to Capital Requirements

We believe it is important that any company not require an inordinate amount of up-front capital to determine the long-term viability of the product or business model. Our investment approach starts from the perspective that no further capital will be required to achieve the company’s targeted financial and operational performance for a minimum of 24 months. This approach is intended to allow the management team to focus their attention fully on building out the defined product initiatives, customer acquisition strategies and leadership team. We are also mindful of traditional capital expenditure requirements – we seek opportunities that are able to scale with minimal capital expenditure outlays.

We believe the capital requirements of the business must be such that Imagen will be able to establish and maintain a meaningful percentage ownership in the company. This is necessary to justify our commitment to bring the collective resources of the partnership to every investment.

We pride ourselves on being patient, long-term investors and as former C-level operators we understand the “ebb and flow” that emerging technology concerns encounter across their life cycle. That said, we expect all of our investments to provide a reasonable roadmap to liquidity within a five to seven year timeframe.