Basemap is the ultimate app to plan, navigate and share your next outdoor adventure
Originally Published at: KnowTechie
If you’re venturing into the outdoors anytime soon, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared. One of most powerful tools to do that is Basemap, the only app on the market that lets you safely plan your trip, navigate the outdoors, and share your adventures on a social media platform for others just like yourself.

Basemap offers a variety of features that you’re definitely going to want to try out. Their unique mapping system lets you view hundreds of mapping layers and extensive data targeted at specific outdoor activities. This includes hiking, fishing, hunting, and even off-roading.

For hunters, in particular, Basemap includes detailed hunt research data where hunting seasons are broken down by hunting area in each state, season dates, and weapons used. You can plan your routes, set map markers, and research both activity information and geographic elements so you don’t run into any sort of kinks during your travels.

One of my favorite Basemap features is True Basemap 3D. What they describe as a “new era of digital mapping,” this feature lets you view hi-res 3D satellite imagery, map overlays, and terrain details all within the app. When they say hi-res 3D, they mean it, too.

Take a look at this video example yourself

Basemap’s newest feature worth mentioning as well is the Outdoor Journal. This allows you to follow and filter your favorite activities, post markers, photos, tracks, and share with other users on the app. Basemap’s team explains that this platform is not just a tool, but a social media where people can move away from one-size-fits-all platforms and towards one where they have more in common with the user base.

“We want to encourage more people to explore the outdoors and to participate in more outdoor activities, safely,” says Jeff Balch, CEO of Basemap. “Be adventurous. Go exploring. Push your limits. Own the outdoors. Basemap will make sure you have fun, and return safely.”

You can download Basemap on iOS and Android for free and use much of its basic functionality. If you’re a true enthusiast though, you might want to check out the premium version for $5/month or $30 for the year.