The irreplaceable human
Originally Published at: inman
Reflect with me for a moment about the most customer-centric companies in this .com era.

Their mantra and purpose are driven purely by the end result: the customer experience.

A number of companies fall into this category. Amazon, Netflix, and Uber, which now may be considered the old guard, but they remain at or near the pinnacle for a reason. Each consistently strives for a ‘raving fan’ experience with each transaction, boldly seeking to measure their progress with consumer satisfaction like ratings, post experience.

The new-age consumer is upon us. Their mentality transcends all verticals, be it a product purchase, a service, etc. With technology in-hand, today’s consumer demands a lot — convenience, certainty, transparency, accuracy, expediency, and reliability — essentially, a repeatable customer journey experience each time. This is not a temporary ‘movement’, it is a definable market shift…it is the new way of the world.

Not all tech-based companies recognize this very critical part of the equation. Tech equals efficiency and instant gratification, but it should not be recognized as the catalyst for providing great customer success!

What does tech need in order to guarantee these deliverables? It’s quite simple. Tech requires humans.

The magnitude of a real estate transaction brings in complex human emotions like anxiety, fear, confusion and perhaps, even frustration when the transaction is not handled properly. Tech solutions should alleviate these challenges, not exacerbate them.

The added human element should not be relegated to that of an interventionist — on the contrary, the human should be at the top of the pyramid, involved throughout the entire customer journey, be it directly or indirectly, always available.

But these solutions can’t exist in a vacuum. It is imperative that any technology is designed to enable and simplify the process for the end-user. It is only those companies, whose purpose-driven mission is to properly scale the human support ecosystem, that are dedicated to governing and guiding the customer journey. Those companies will set the precedent and remain viable.

The experience ‘plateau’ never wavers. From the real estate agent to the iBuyer, the property exchange platforms and the discount brokers… both are seeking that repeatable, consistent, customer journey, ultimately benefiting the consumer.

JetClosing originated as a result of witnessing an antiquated, non-evolving, stagnant process for producing title and escrow. Moreover, we saw the disparate systems that could never guarantee a replicated process, across multiple markets. We saw service levels compromised, many times as a result of erratic business processes and workflows.

JetClosing’s team is comprised of veteran title and escrow professionals, paired with tech industry leaders. Over the past two decades, we have closed over 50,000 real estate transactions. Like you, we watched carefully these last few years, as the market shifts were occurring at an accelerated pace.

Coupled with our veteran knowledge and insight, monitoring these profound changes, we started with a clean slate – to build what title and escrow SHOULD be. We believe we have commandeered a uniquely balanced emphasis, leveraging technology, with humans at the reigns, to streamline the most important part of the real estate journey, the transaction — saving time, money, bringing confidence and assuredness through uniformity.

JetClosing is not yet the ubiquitous name that Amazon, Netflix, and Uber are – but our obsession involves only one thing. Making the real estate agent or institutional client look good, while always allowing for an unrivaled consumer experience!